Ryan Speers

Ryan is a student at Dartmouth College in the class of 2011. He is majoring in Computer Science and exploring a possible minor in Government.

At Dartmouth, he is active in Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services and the Student Assembly. Ryan enjoys other activities such as the Dartmouth Outing Club as well.

Ryan has a history of entrepreneurship and leadership – first inventing a throw-and-catch toy called Pocket BungeeĀ® at age 9. Ryan incorporated SMR Enterprises, Inc. to serve as a parent company for this product, and received a US Patent (US D438582) and trademark on the invention. He managed the legal aspects, finances, production, and marketing of this product. Ever since then, and perhaps earlier, he has had an entrepreneurial spirit and always am thinking of new ideas. Today Ryan uses this mainly in terms of website and web application design instead of toy design, but remains interested in physical design as well.

Currently, his work is in the computer field – specifically with web development and design. In addition to co-founding DebateWare and the DebateNet product, Ryan worked with the Wellesley Public Schools Business Office where he created an internal web application for a new data collection mandate. Additionally, he has worked as a webmaster and developer on many smaller projects and has held several other computer jobs and internships.

For more information, please visit my website at www.rmspeers.com.

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